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BriteVenue is built by Venue & Software Experts for Venues to streamline their wedding & event inquiries, proposals, contracts, bookings, event management and payments.

BriteVenue is the only venue software with a live two-way integration with Quickbooks and Xero Accounting. Integrations with wedding directories like Wedding Wire, The Knot and more mean that for the first time, all your inquiries are in one place!

BriteVenue – The All In One Platform – from initial inquiry to final payment, brings all your processes and people together into one beautiful and easy to use platform, cutting your admin from days to minutes. CLICK HERE to book a demo to see why. 


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Goodbye Admin

Say goodbye to boring, admin tasks and hello to more time spent doing what you love.

Streamline & Automate

Streamline and automate all of the tedious tasks involved in your venue’s event booking process.

WOW Clients!

Sell more events, work more productively, and wow your clients with unforgettable experiences.

Venues That LOVE Using BriteVenue

BriteVenue | A Selection of our Happy Clients | Venue Management Software
Our Clients Love Using BriteVenue

“BriteVenue is amazing. It has transformed Briarcliff Manor. Our clients love using it and it’s streamlined our entire booking  process. I don’t know what we’d do without it!”

Adrianna diNapoli, Business Development Manager, Briarcliff Manor, New York

We Work with Multiple Types of Venues


Exclusive Hire Wedding Venues

BriteVenue is the light bulb moment that brings all of an exclusive hire venues processes together, in one beautiful place, allowing them to event manage each wedding and event effortlessly. CLICK HERE to book a demo now! 


Within hotels the sales, booking and resource management of an event has traditionally been managed across multiple systems, including a CRM, excel spreadsheets, a PMS sales and catering module, and paper documents. We bring it together on our easy, beautiful-to-use system. CLICK HERE to book a demo now! 

Museums & Galleries

With the ability to manage all of your inquiries, internal resources, and client communications seamlessly, we’ve helped museums and public institutions like yours reduce event-related admin by up to 80%. CLICK HERE to book a demo now! 

Theatres, Universities & Alternative Venues

We work with all kinds of venues. If you manage events and spaces and think we might be a fit, let’s talk! CLICK HERE to book a demo now! 

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If you are too busy to invest in software for your venue, then you especially need to.

The reality is, if you are too busy to invest in software that will significantly lighten your workload, then you especially need to make the investment.

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Our experienced team of Venue Consultants is here to answer your questions and help you reach your venues wedding & event goals. Plus, we will offer helpful solutions and insightful tips, ensuring you’re taking full advantage of all BriteVenue has to offer your venue.